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“Family business cast” Overview

“The Family Business” is a riveting television show that has captured viewers’ attention with its complex plot and endearing characters. The program explores the life of the Duncan family, who own an exotic automobile shop in New York, and is based on Carl Weber’s crime thriller book series. Viewers are treated to a mash-up of underworld dealings, business savvy, and family loyalty as the series progresses.

family business cast

The Cast of Characters

The Duncan family, a collection of people with distinct personalities and distinctive story arcs, is the focal point of “The Family Business.” Let’s introduce the main figures:

Ernie Hudson as L.C. Duncan

The patriarch, L.C. Duncan, is portrayed by Ernie Hudson as a powerful and influential guy. He is frequently seen juggling the demands of family and work as the CEO of Duncan Motors.

Valerie Pettiford as Charlotte Duncan

Charlotte Duncan, the matriarch who supports her family through good times and bad, is portrayed by Valerie Pettiford. Her persona radiates grace and strength, which makes her a beloved figure.

Darrin Dewitt Henson as Orlando Duncan

Orlando Duncan, played by Darrin Dewitt Henson, assumes the CEO position and demonstrates his capacity for guidance and preserving the family tradition.

Javicia Leslie as Paris Duncan

Paris Duncan, the youngest daughter who is renowned for her ferocious attitude and will to leave her mark, is portrayed by Javicia Leslie.

Sean Ringgold as Junior Duncan

Junior Duncan, portrayed by Sean Ringgold, is the eldest son and the embodiment of strength and loyalty for the family business.

Tami Roman as London Duncan-Grant

London Duncan-Grant, played by Tami Roman, is a complicated character whose storyline gives the family dynamics more nuance.

“Family business cast”

family business cast The Plot Thickens

The show has run for four seasons with great popularity, with each episode delving deeper into the intricate web of the Duncan family’s connections to the exotic automobile industry and their covert involvement in illegal operations. The show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats by skillfully fusing exciting criminal aspects with personal drama.

The Duncan family gathered in the stately living room of their estate as the sun began to set. A silent storm was gathering despite the lavish decor, and the atmosphere was charged with anxiety. The head of the group, patriarch L.C. Duncan, looked around at his family.

“Family, we are about to witness a revelation that will put our dynasty to the test,” he said in a steady although somewhat urgent voice.

Ever the matriarch, Charlotte put her hands together and stood beside her husband like a silent rock of support. Orlando, the tactician, leaned forward, ideas buzzing in his head. Enforcer Junior remained stoic, his presence a reassuring constant.

London, the family’s wild card, moved uncomfortably and looked around the space. Paris, the youngest and most aspirational member of the family, attempted to read the room as her hopes of taking the helm of the company rested on the line.

L.C. went on, “Duncan Motors is facing a threat, and it comes from within our ranks. Our competitors have been receiving our secrets from a mole, and it is time to expose this treason.


Beyond simply being a criminal drama, The Family Business” depicts a family that prioritizes togetherness and loyalty over other considerations, even in the face of unusual business tactics. The Duncan family is brought to life by the outstanding ensemble, who also makes each character’s journey an engaging part of the story as a whole.


What is the number of seasons that “The Family Business” has?  Netflix offers the first four seasons for streaming.

Does “The Family Business” have a literary basis?  Carl Weber’s criminal drama novel series is the basis for it, yes.

Who portrays the Duncan family patriarch?  The patriarch of the family, L.C. Duncan, is portrayed by Ernie Hudson.

Where am I able to view “The Family Business”?  Netflix offers the series for streaming.

Does the program only highlight crimes? The drama delves deeply into the character’s personal lives and family issues, even if crime plays a major role.

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