Unveiling the Future of Innovation: Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

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In Asia, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) is a shining example of innovation. Since its founding in 2001, HKSTP has played a leading role in supporting R&D, developing new businesses, and advancing Hong Kong’s status as a center of innovation worldwide. The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), located in the center of Asia’s world city, is a shining example of technical progress. HKSTP is advancing Hong Kong’s future by creating a thriving environment where innovation and technology coexist.

The Vision of HKSTP

hong kong science and technology park

The mission of HKSTP is to establish a dynamic atmosphere that fosters talent, makes knowledge transfer easier, and speeds up technological innovation. HKSTP is a community that is driven by the interchange of ideas and interaction, not merely a physical location, with a mission to unite stakeholders and foster global collaboration.

A Thriving Ecosystem for Startups and Enterprises

HKSTP is home to more than 1,700 tech companies and businesses from across the world and offers cutting-edge infrastructure, support services, and R&D facilities. It’s a location where established businesses can innovate and startups can grow, with 20,000 employees committed to research and development.

Modern Resources and Amenities

HKSTP, which is 330,000 square meters in size, provides a campus-like setting that is ideal for research and development. HKSTP has everything high-tech businesses need, from co-working spaces to multidisciplinary research labs, to meet their demands at any stage of growth.

A thriving group of innovators in technology

Over 1,700 digital startups and businesses from 26 different nations call the park home, resulting in a mingling pot of cultures and ideas. HKSTP is an innovative hotspot with over 20,000 working people, including over 13,000 R&D specialists.

Cutting-edge Facilities

HKSTP offers over 70 football fields’ worth of R&D offices and lab space, all devoted to innovation and entrepreneurship. Companies of various kinds, from start-ups to well-established multinational corporations, can benefit from these facilities.

Hong kong science and technology park: Initiatives and collaborations

HKSTP promotes talent development and knowledge transfer through a range of collaborations and programs. These programs are critical for expediting technology commercialization and innovation both inside and outside the park.

Worldwide Links

The park is a desirable venue for international partnerships and collaborations because of its waterfront location on Tolo Harbour and its strategic location close to the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Innovation and sustainability

HKSTP aims to create a sustainable future in addition to technology. The park, as part of its innovative path, integrates green techniques and advocates for sustainable development.


The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park serves as a springboard for the biotech and high-tech industries, in addition to being a place. The most brilliant minds in technology continue to define the future at HKSTP, a pillar of innovation in both Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. More than just a physical site, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park represents Hong Kong’s dedication to innovation and technology. HKSTP will be crucial in determining how technology develops in Asia and worldwide as it grows and changes.


What is HKSTP’s primary objective?  HKSTP’s primary objective is to establish a thriving innovation and technology ecosystem that benefits Hong Kong and the surrounding area on a social and economic level.

Who is eligible to use HKSTP’s facilities?  The facilities of HKSTP are beneficial to tech companies, startups, R&D specialists, and businesses seeking to innovate and broaden their worldwide reach.

What role does HKSTP play in sustainability?  To guarantee a balanced approach to innovation, HKSTP integrates ecological practices and encourages sustainable growth through technological breakthroughs.

In what ways does HKSTP support Hong Kong’s economy? HKSTP contributes to Hong Kong and the surrounding area’s social and economic development by building a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem that spurs growth and opens up new opportunities.

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