Exploring the New York City College of Technology: A Gateway to Innovation and Opportunity

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In the center of Brooklyn stands the New York City College of Technology, also referred to as City Tech. It is a light of possibility. Within the City University of New York (CUNY) system, City Tech is a top choice for students looking for a career-focused education that combines business, technology, and the arts.

A Brief History, New York City College of Technology

When City Tech was first established in 1946, it was known as the New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences. In the present day, it has developed into a thriving center of higher learning with a wide range of associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs.

Academic Excellence

City Tech is proud of its fifty-eight innovative degree programs. The college offers a wide range of programs, from biomedical informatics to architectural technology, and from hospitality management to legal studies. Because of the school’s dedication to providing industry-aligned education, students are guaranteed to be both academically strong and prepared for the demands of the workforce.

Schools and Programs

School of Technology & Design: Provides courses in computer systems technology, architectural technology, and communication design.

School of Arts & Sciences: Offers courses in biology, chemistry, and English with an emphasis on liberal arts and sciences.

School of Professional Studies: Equips students for professions in law, business, and healthcare.

Campus Life and Resources

Part of The City University of New York (CUNY), New York City College of Technology (City Tech) offers a lively campus life to go along with its academic offerings. An outline of City Tech’s campus life and resources is provided below:

Campus Life

The environment at City Tech is renowned for being ethnic and varied. The college promotes inclusivity because its teachers and students speak more than 80 languages and come from over 120 different nations. It is a crucial component of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, offering a trained workforce that supports the expansion of the region.

Student Services

Pupils are urged to make use of the many resources available to them that supplement classroom instruction. Among them are: Academic advising, tutoring, and the Office of Academic Testing. Financial aid; counseling services; dental and ocular health clinics; computer labs and libraries; student wellness center; and veteran support services

Student Life and Development

From orientation to graduation, the Office of Student Life and Development is committed to providing students with events and assistance. They emphasize community service, diversity education, leadership development, and social awareness.

Student Organizations

Through more than 36 clubs and groups that serve a variety of interests, City Tech promotes student involvement. By encouraging involvement in events and activities, the Student Government Association plays a significant role in student life.

Safety and Emergency Services

The community’s safety and well-being are guaranteed by the procedures the institution has put in place for handling different emergencies. This covers emergency response protocols, medical emergency support, and building evacuation protocols.

Commitment to Diversity

City Tech is committed to providing a diverse urban population access to high-quality education as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and Asian American/Native American Pacific Island Serving Institution (AANAPISI).


The New York City College of Technology is proof of the transformational and economic mobility-promoting effects of education. With its ideal location, extensive curriculum, and dedication to diversity, City Tech is the public route to success.

FAQ OF, New York City College of Technology

What kinds of degrees does City Tech provide?  City Tech provides 27 associate degrees and 31 baccalaureate degrees in a range of subject areas.

Is City Tech included in the CUNY network?  In the CUNY system, City Tech is the official college of technology.

How does City Tech assist its instructors and students?  To support success in the classroom and on the job, City Tech offers a wealth of tools through its Student Hub and Faculty and Staff Hub.

What distinguishes City Tech apart?  What sets City Tech apart are its distinctive programs that combine technology-focused learning with career-oriented learning, as well as its dedication to diversity and economic mobility.

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