Understanding Principal Business Codes: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

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It can be difficult to navigate the business world, particularly when it comes to knowing what codes and classifications your company falls under. The Principal Business Code (PBC) is one such classification that is essential for determining what your company’s main activity is. We’ll go into the definition of PBCs, their significance, and how to identify your own in this piece.

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What is a Principal Business Code?

A six-digit code known as a Principal Business Code is used to categorize your company based on the primary good or service it offers. It is a component of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), a tool used by government statistical organizations to gather, examine, and disseminate economic statistics about the United States.

Why is the Principal Business Code Important?

1. Tax Classification: The PBC is categorized under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which is a tool used by the US federal government to classify companies according to the products and services they offer and their industry. This classification is essential to guaranteeing that companies pay the appropriate taxes based on their industry.
2. Economic Data Collection: The government can get useful economic data by utilizing the PBC. Understanding which industry sectors are expanding and how much each contributes to the economy is made easier with the use of this data.
3. Audit and Enforcement: For the purposes of audit and enforcement, the PBC assists the IRS in classifying firms. It guarantees that companies are abiding with the tax laws and rules relevant to their main line of business.

4. Business Identification: The PBC is used to determine the principal activity of the business when submitting an application for a loan with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) or for other government identification purposes.
5. Simplifying Tax Filing: Business owners can streamline the tax filing process by determining the correct PBC. It appears on a number of tax forms, including Forms 1120 and 1120-S for businesses, Schedule C (Form 1040) for single proprietors, and Form 1065 for partnerships.

How to Find Your Principal Business Code

1. Recognize the Goal: The Principal Business Code is intended to categorize your company based on the kinds of activities it performs. This makes the Internal Revenue Code easier to administer.
2. Apply the NAICS Framework: The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) serves as the foundation for the Principal Business Activity Codes. The most precise 6-digit number that characterizes the revenue-generating activity of your company is the one you should use.
3. Look Up Your Code:

o Go to www.census.gov, the NAICS website.
o Make use of the IRS website’s search function. The program will provide possible codes based on terms you enter that best reflect your business activity.

4. Pick the Correct Code: Decide which code best fits the nature of your business operations. You may choose up to two codes that correspond to the main business activities if you are involved in multiple unrelated business activities.
5. Avert Typical Errors: Make sure the income-producing activity—rather than the organization—is described in the code. Steer clear of codes that are overly general or unrelated to your particular business operations.
6. Refer to the IRS Guidelines: You can locate a list of business activity codes in the IRS instructions for Form 990-T, which provide further in-depth assistance.

7. Review Every Year: Since business operations change over time, it’s critical to verify that your Principal Business Code is still current by reviewing and updating it every year.


Comprehending and accurately determining your Principal Business Code is crucial for precise tax filing and engagement in the wider economy. It’s a little but important aspect of your company’s identity that may have an impact on data analysis and compliance.



Where can I locate the Principal Business Codes list?  thorough list is available through the IRS’s resources or on the NAICS website.
Is it possible for a company to have multiple Principal Business Codes?  You might need to choose a primary and secondary code if your company works in several different industries.
Is my tax situation impacted by the Principal Business Code?  It is utilized for tax return classification purposes, but it has no direct impact on your tax liability.

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