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Welcome to Skook News, where we provide you with the most recent information about events in Schuylkill County. We aim to inform you about the people, stories, and local events that influence our community. Anchored in the coal area of central Pennsylvania, Skook News is a shining example of local journalism. Established on August 12, 2012, as a basic Facebook page by Ashland, Pennsylvania’s Justin Reed, it has become Schuylkill County’s fastest-growing news website. Skook News, dedicated to providing free and easily available news, has become an essential information resource for people living in Schuylkill and surrounding counties.

The Skook News Journey

The desire to inform and involve the people has motivated Skook News since its founding. Originally working alone as the editor, writer, and photographer, Reed now oversees a group of committed journalists. As a team, they put forth endless effort to provide the most recent news and information, connecting with over 40,000 social media followers and accumulating over 17.5 million views.

An enjoyable and festive day

Skook Fest begins with a vibrant procession that includes community-created floats, dance troupes, and local marching bands. As the parade makes its way through the town, families are lining the streets, and the sound of children laughing blends in with the music.

Celebrating Community Spirit at the Annual Skook Fest

The annual Skook Fest is something that the people of Schuylkill County look forward to every year when spring brings warmer weather. This well-liked occasion, which happens in the vibrant center of Pottsville’s downtown, is a celebration of the diverse fabric that makes up our city rather than merely a fair.

Live Performances

Local bands are playing on the soundstage, reflecting the diverse musical preferences of our community members through a variety of genres. A globally-renowned act headlines the evening’s events, drawing audiences from all around the region.

Regional Heroes

These tales, which highlight the accomplishments and generosity of our citizens, capture the essence of Schuylkill County.

Enterprise and Financial System

Learn about the county’s job prospects, new enterprises, and economic trends. We examine how these elements support the expansion of the regional economy.

Education and schools

Learn the latest on the district’s educational initiatives, student successes, and news. Education is the foundation of our community’s future.

Public Protection

We provide important information on law enforcement, fire department operations, and health advisories regarding public safety issues.

Opinion Articles

With editorials and opinion articles written by prominent locals, Skook News promotes discussion on the subjects that are most important to our neighborhood.

Culture and the Arts

Discover Schuylkill County’s thriving artistic community. We cover the local cultural scene, from theatre shows to gallery openings.

Updates on the weather

bring you up-to-date weather notifications and forecasts so you can be ready for the day.

In summary

Our goal at Skook News is to provide you with important stories. We think that journalism can enlighten, interest, and motivate its audience.


How can I send Skook News a story?

Use the contact form on our website to submit your story ideas.

When is the next update for Skook News?
Skook News posts the most recent information about events, weather, and news from Schuylkill County and the surrounding areas every day.

Is there a way I can help Skook News?
Indeed, Skook News is open to community contributions. Articles, images, and news tips are all welcome for review.

Does Skook News have a subscription cost?
No, Skook News is a free news source for Schuylkill County that makes sure everyone can still access local news.

Are high school sports covered by Skook News?

We indeed cover high school athletic events, offering player highlights and game recaps.

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